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How to Use Wood Flooring in Your Kitchen Remodel

Using wood for kitchen floors is often discouraged due to the constant risk of moisture exposure and accidental spills. In the past it was often bypassed in favor of tile. Now more homeowners are talking to contractors about the possibility


Don’t Put Up with Dingy Stucco – Whitewash It

Pexels Photo 106399Stucco walls can get extremely dirty from rain, wind, and other elements, but that doesn’t mean that you need to accept the fact that your home is going to be dirty forever. While you could simply wash your stucco every


Consider Using Wood Flooring in Your Kitchen Remodel

Stencil.default 7So you’re finally getting your kitchen remodeled, and it’s time to make a decision on the flooring. What kinds of things do you need to consider when choosing that new flooring so you don’t regret your decision later?   

Are you


5 DIY Projects to Improve Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Summer is here, and it’s a great time to take a look around home for things to make your outdoor spaces more livable and enjoyable. Consider these ideas to see if there is something that will make your time outdoors