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Small Commercial Remodeling

Barts Remodeling & Construction Inc. is what you are looking for!

Our company has an established an excellent reputation across the Chicagoland area for providing a full range of construction services which can comfortably handle detailed commercial projects within the client’s budget and scope while maintaining vigorous standards.

As the premier commercial building contractor, we have undertaken projects for large retail outlets such as Kmart, local school districts, and hospitals as well as smaller storefronts and warehouses for local businesses. We have delivered quality solutions in each and every case.

Quality, Safety and Value

Chicago offers a multitude of choices, but Barts Remodeling is one of the few contractors that will complete your commercial project quickly and affordably while adhering to stringent and industry leading quality and safety standards. Barts Remodeling is unique in its personal and customer focused approach to commercial remodeling and construction work. Our clients are our main priority and we strive to deliver consistent, friendly, and customer focused advice, attention, help, and customer service throughout all aspects of remodeling or construction. Our customer focused approach allows us to develop long lasting relationships with our clients and lend our extensive expertise to make every project a success.
At Barts Remodeling we employ our own, long serving, in-house tradesmen who are expertly complimented by experienced and vetted sub-contractors. We believe that our employees are one of our greatest assets, and we invest heavily in their training and development. We take great pride in the quality and expertise of our workforce which enables us to meet the highest standards in the industry. Our team of professional staff will work closely with you to ensure that you receive a customized, cost effective solution to meet your project needs.

In our role as the top commercial construction and building contractor in the greater Chicago area we focus on the safety and quality of our work. Our company is guaranteed to be fully compliant with all Health and Safety regulations and requirements.

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After more than two years of working with Barts Remodeling, I can say that we have never been disappointed in their performance. They have been flexible, patient and involved. Their willingness to find economies in our project, engage in construction problem solving and constantly act on our behalf to ensure the best possible facility has been one of their most reassuring components of an otherwise hectic project.
– Wayne W., Real Estate Agent, Chicago